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    We Are a Neighborhood Trash Group

    When you arrange your trash service with us everyone in your neighborhood can benefit.


      More Bargaining Power
      Low Rates that Stay Low
      Attentive Service

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About United Group Services

Trash service to your home will be provided by a local trash company that is committed to serving residential homes.

We are a neighborhood trash Group. We are not a trash hauler. The Trash Club™ was started more than 30 years ago by Joan and Al Becker who are consumers like you.

We started out just wanting to make some changes in the way trash was collected in the neighborhood where we lived. It was not long before we discovered that we could obtain other benefits for neighbors that were willing to participate in our neighborhood trash group.

In most neighborhoods where we now offer the opportunity, more than 60% of the households are members of our group. In some neighborhoods participation is now over 95%. Participating households express a high level of satisfaction. Above all, you will find us responsive to any concern.

While still relatively small, we are now one of the largest local consumers of residential trash services. Our growth is the result of neighbor to neighbor recommendation, doing a better job of addressing consumer concerns, and offering greater value.

We were among the first to support curbside recycling – long before it became law. We make it easy to recycle. You can throw all of your recyclables in the same container - no sorting is required. We try to comply with state and local environmental laws in ways that do not cost your household extra dollars.

Some reasons to arrange your service with us.

  • We have been providing our services in some neighborhoods like yours for more than 30 years.
  • In neighborhoods where we have a presence, our trash rates over the years have been as much as 30% to 50% less than the “everyday” rates available in other neighborhoods.
  • You get attentive customer service.
  • There are no membership fees.
  • We offer different levels of service to meet your needs.
  • Term contracts are not required. Without a contract you can terminate service at any time.
  • Residential Service Agreements are available.

You can only win by giving us a try!

ACT NOW. CALL (610) 346-1663. Start immediately or at expiration of your current billing period. Or just call with any questions.

Joan & Al Becker